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Worldwide in 30 languages.

To be sure that we have collected all the services that you could possibly need we have selected the 20 most used comfort services that are offered on internet. We then made websites for these services in 30 languages from all over the world. So then when you need a tutor for your child in Norway or a babysitter in Italy or a carpenter in Argentina, Juan Pescador will be able to offer this service to you. You can advertise your wishes anonymously and in your native language. The supplier who could provide these services will read your, translated, advertisement and will be able to contact you through our website. You decide if and when you give your contact details.

Our next updated version will be able to automatically translate the messages between you and your comfort provider. Bye bye babylon!

When you visit the site please select the right language by clicking the button in the top right hand corner. For selecting the right service click on the pagetitle.

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